There's nothing quite like a London wedding

To say that a London wedding is a real status symbol sounds like a bit of a cliche, doesnt it? Particularly if you live in or nearby to London. But to everybody else London always has been and always will be one of the greatest cities in the world. Just look at what London has to offer - culture, history, fashion, design and trend setting from one of the world's leading financial centres. Then there's Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, the red buses, the black cabs, the theatres, the sports and entertainment venues and the art galleries. Wimbledon, Wembley and Lord's are all in London. And Ascot, Windsor and Henley are just down the road. We could go on because the list is endless.

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London offers a wonderful variety of wedding tranport

When it comes to wedding cars in London, or any type of wedding transport for that matter, the capital boasts the widest choice in the country. You'll certainly find a number of companies offering Rolls Royce Phantoms, Bentleys and Jaguars right through to modern cars, classic cars, vintage cars and London cabs, in all sorts of styles and colours. You can even hire a horse and carriage to travel to your wedding.

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Get as many free quotes for London wedding transport as you like

Please feel free to use Wedding Car Hire London as a research tool when you're deciding on how you want to get to your London wedding. Just complete a simple enquiry form indicating the type of London wedding transport you're looking for and you'll receive back details from a number of different companies who can help you. If there's more than category in which you're interested, a second or third form are even quicker as they will retain your main details from the first one. So when you're ready just click on the heart to start...

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